“Into the Fog” Egg Tempera Painting

"Into the Fog" - Egg Tempera Painting - 12x9 © Nelia Harper
“Into the Fog” – Egg Tempera Painting – 12×9 © Nelia Harper

This egg tempera painting was inspired by the feeling and sights of mid-winter in the Colorado Rockies.

I woke before dawn and stepped out into the crisp air.  There was a fresh layer of snow dusting the grass and trees.  I sought refuge, visiting ‘old friends’ that I have come to know, traveling this well-worn path.

The sun rose slowly over the eastern plains.  The angle low on the horizon, the light weak.  Clothed in a blanket of fog, the city had disappeared.   Gentle and illusive, a warm glow of winter sun filtered through the churning fog.  Long past it’s prime, the tree stood in a shimmering coat.  Proud, strong and beautiful.

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