Mississippi Walkway

gouache, 5×4, 300 gsm cold press watercolor paper

painted en plein air, May 2024

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Prairie River Pool

Gouache, 4×5, 300gsm cold press watercolor paper

Plein Air

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Morning Light on Ponderosa Pine

oil on linen panel

11×14, unframed


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Walk With Me, pastel, 10x20 © Nelia Harper
Walk With Me




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"Rabbitbush" pastel, 16x20, © Nelia Harper

While doing some plein air painting on a brisk January day, I came across this gigantic rabbitbush.   It still had several of its colorful blooms. Startled by the sheer size of the bush and enthralled by the sky and frozen pond, I knew this would be my next painting.

I hoped to convey the drama of Colorado’s winter sky.  Will the storm blow in or move on?  I also wanted to create a sense of texture and the feeling of windswept space.  By creating such a large bush, I hoped to instill a feeling of the size and magnitude.  How old is this bush?  What has it seen?  How long will it remain?

16×20, pastel


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"Old Friend" Pastel 12x15 © Nelia Harper
Old Friend

Along my favorite hiking trails, I look forward to seeing particular trees.  I’m drawn to their shapes, the curvature of their limbs, the shade they offer, or the feeling they invoke.   Over time, I feel like I know them, and that they know me.  I’ve had my eye on this particular bend in the trail.  I like the way the tree leans over, toward the bridge and the rock, greeting those that pass.  Just as people are unique in their character, so are trees.  As I painted this tree’s portrait, I felt like I was painting an ‘Old Friend’.

pastel, 12×15

en plein air


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