Walk With Me, pastel, 10x20 © Nelia Harper
Walk With Me

On display at Western Colorado Center for the Arts for the Pastel Society of Colorado Members Show, Dreaming in Color from May 15 – June 22, 2019

To purchase, please contact the Art Center at 970-243-7337.



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Reflections of You, 16x20, oil on canvas board, © Nelia Harper
Reflections of You

oil on linen panel


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River's Song, 11x14 oil on linen panel, © Nelia Harper
River’s Song

oil on linen panel


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Turning, 6x8, oil on linen panel, © Nelia Harper

oil on linen panel, 6×8

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Autumn Wonder, 7x17, oil on linen, © Nelia Harper
Autumn Wonder

Currently on location at Museum of Friends, Walsenburg, CO through June 15th.

To purchase, please contact the museum at 719-738-2858.

Painted en plein air for Steamboat Art Museum Plein Air Event

oil on linen panel


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Aspen Etude, 10x8, oil on linen, © Nelia Harper
Aspen Etude

painted on location for the Steamboat Art Museum plein air event

oil on linen panel


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Step Back in Time, 16x20, oil on linen, © Nelia Harper
Step Back in Time at the Avery House

Painted for the 34th Annual Historic Homes Tour to support Poudre Landmarks Foundation

16×20, oil on linen


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Sunflowers, 10x8, oil on board

8×10, oil on board

painted en plein air

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Road to Horsetooth, 6x8, oil on linen panel, Turning, 6x8, oil on linen panel, © Nelia Harper
Road to Horsetooth

oil on linen panel, 6×8

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Twirling Syd, 16x22, pastel on UArt © Nelia Harper
Twirling Syd

A simple moment caught in time.  A young girl sings a song and twirls an umbrella.  A cell phone camera captures the moment.  That moment is shared among friends.  The artist eye sees that moment and the urge to paint is there.

I can see the painting in my mind’s eye.  “Sure!” Mom says.  “I’d love to see you paint this!”

We talk about what the painting could be, i throw out some ideas.  Then, back in the studio, I dive deeper into the image and realize that so much is said in so little.

Pastel, 16×22


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Lilacs, 16x21, oil on linen, © Nelia Harper

Lilacs, 16×21, oil on linen


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Nothing to Wear, pastel on paper, 21x18.5, © Nelia Harper
Nothing to Wear

This painting was the final project for a semester of figure drawing. The painting was based on the theme, “the human figure as an expression of inner psychology”.

The idea for the painting stemmed from thinking about how children embody characters through costume and the evolution of this over time.  As children they want to be batman, spiderman, a cowboy or a princess. They take on the costume as who they are. However, as we grow and become adults, we often take on masks/costumes to go about our daily activities, whether we want to embody them or not.

This concept was then coupled with a woman trying on clothes from her closet and finding ‘nothing to wear’ from the multiple outfits available to her. Here, she is dressed in a simple black dress and holds a mask to her face. Is she preparing for a night out? A day at work? What do we assume about her from the mask? How do we read her eyes shining through? Who is she behind the mask?

Pastel on Canson Paper, 21×18.5


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Yucca Study, 4x6, oil on linen panel, © Nelia Harper
Yucca Study

Yucca Study, oil on linen panel, 3×4

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Bitty Bird, 3 1/4 x 3 1/4, oil on canvas panel, © Nelia Harper
Bitty Bird

This little bird sits in my studio observing the day-to-day activities. He loves to pose, especially with bits of flowers.

Painted from life.

Oil on canvas panel, 3 1/4x 3 1/4

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Greener Pastures, oil on panel, 9x12, © Nelia Harper
Greener Pastures

Currently on location at Museum of Friends, Walsenburg, CO through June 15th.

To purchase, please contact the museum at 719-738-2858.

painted en plein air

oil on panel


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Peonies, 13.25x15, oil on linen © Nelia Harper

oil on linen panel

13.25 x 15 inches

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Along the Yampa, 8x10, oil on canvas panel
Along the Yampa River

Now available at auction on dailypaintworks.com  (you will be re-directed to their website to bid).

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In Your Embrace, oil on canvas, 36x48
In Your Embrace

This painting is based on a plein air painting made along the Poudre River in Fort Collins, CO.  As I painted this piece, I thought about the strength of river, the tree and the power of love.

On display in the Denver Capitol Building June-September, 2018.

Oil on gallery wrap canvas 1 5/8″


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"On the Cob", 6x8, oil on canvas panel, © Nelia Harper
On the Cob

Painting this corn on the cob reminded me of childhood summers and working in the garden with my Dad.

For as long as I can remember, my father planted a large garden. And, he still does. I loved to help him. As I placed corn kernels, hunks of potato, and tiny onions in the ground, a feeling of hope and promise filled me. I marveled at the straight rows, and the little seeds that grew into giants. Planting miniature versions of vegetables felt like a million little possibilities
In August, we could start to pick the corn. Pulling away the husk, was like unwrapping a present. Under the papery wrapper, rows and rows of sweet kernels waited for a slather of butter and salt. We devoured those ears of corn on the cob. Fresh green beans, cucumber salad, and baby potatoes completed any meal.
I still relish plant seeds, and see those little seeds reach for the sun. I especially love it when I can step outside to ‘pick dinner. Although I didn’t pick this ear of corn from my garden, I still delight in knowing that a seed created this ear of corn. And, there’s nothing like the taste of fresh corn on the cob, slathered in butter and salt!
6×8, oil on canvas
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Winter Morn, 6x9, oil on board, © Nelia Harper
Winter Morn

painted en plein air

oil on  board


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Weathered, oil on canvas board, 5.35 x 3.75, © Nelia Harper

oil on canvas panel


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Orchid Study, 4.5x5.5, oil on linen panel. Reflections of You, 16x20. oil on linen panel, River's Song, 11x14 oil on linen panel, © Nelia Harper
Orchid Study

oil on linen panel

4.5 x 5.5 inches

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Love in a Puff, 5x4, oil on linen panel, © Nelia Harper
Love In a Puff

oil on linen panel, 5×4


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Green Ice, oil on linen panel, 5x7, © Nelia Harper
Green Ice

oil on linen panel


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Fresh Snow, 10x10, oil on panel, © Nelia Harper
Fresh Snow

oil on panel



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