Lake Marie – Painting of Wyoming’s Snowy Range

Lake Marie - Pastel - 18x24 © Nelia Harper
Lake Marie – Pastel – 18×24 © Nelia Harper

This painting was in my mind long before it made it to the easel.

Each summer, traveling to this spectacular mountain range is a highlight.  Mountains and tundra, covered in snow and ice from October to May, are revealed each spring as the sun warms the snow, creating streams and waterfalls. Lake Marie, formed at the base of the Snowy Range, near Centennial, Wyoming, catches the water and releases the overflow through a tumble of rock and debris.

The highest point is over 13,000 feet and a web of streams course through the landscape carrying the runoff that collects in high mountain lakes.  Thousands of visitors flock to the Snowy Range to fish, hike, rock climb, camp, snow mobile, picnic, and enjoy the serenity of the clear mountain air.

I’ve had several images in my mind of the painting I wanted to create, including a view of the mountain range, Lake Marie, the runoff, and of course the incredible tumult of rock, trees, wildflowers, and the endless sky.

Now available and on display at the AANC August Heat show August 5-8 at the Carnegie Building (200 Mathews Street).

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