Plein Air Magic

Some mornings are magical. The morning dawned sunny and delicious, after soaking rains the night before. We were invited to paint on private property and what a delight it was. Our group of eight spread out across the grounds to paint barns, gardens, and this stunning view of the lake. The scent of lilacs drifted on the air. Goldfinches, rose-breasted grosbeaks, and common yellow throats called out in song as we painted and breathed in the fresh air. There was a moment when we stirred up the mosquitoes, but a brigade of dragonflies made quick work of them.

The hours passed, the paint flowed and before we knew it, folks were sharing their paintings and packing up. As I put the finishing touches on this painting, a quick shower moved through scattering is to our various afternoon activities. It was a perfect morning of plein air painting and comraderie.

Next week, we’ll be painting at the Forest History Center. Feel free to bring a lunch to gather after painting , or make a day of it!

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