Loveland Feed and Grain

"Loveland Feed and Grain" - Pastel - 12x16 © Nelia Harper
“Loveland Feed and Grain” – Pastel – 12×16 © Nelia Harper

The day was perfect, sunny with a light cloud forming in the sky.  The light was bright but not glaring.  The morning was hot, but there was plenty of shade.  I walked around the scene for a bit, chatting with the other painters.  Perspective was going to be a challenge.  Should I zoom in on one spot?  Choose an alternate viewpoint?  I decided to ‘go for it’ and paint the scene.  It would be a good challenge.

I focused on the drawing, using a stick for comparison of angles and lines.  Most of the time was spent correcting and adjusting the lines.  Then, I massed in the shapes and adjusted the values.  About half-way through, a train came roaring by, carrying windmill blades.  Then, an hour later, another train passed through the scene.  It was pretty exciting!

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Pastel on archival Pastelmat paper.  Approximately 12×16 inches.

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