Day 9 – Gourdness – Strada Easel

My gourdness this was tough!

"Gourdness", 5x7, oil on panel, © Nelia Harper
“Gourdness”, 5×7, oil on panel, © Nelia Harper


Ok, truth be told, painting isn’t easy.  People who say, “Oh, that must be so relaxing…” or “That must be so meditative”, have not done this.  No.  It is not relaxing or meditative.  It’s hard.  Ok.  It’s fun too.  And, very rewarding.   Secretly, I love the challenge of painting something to look realistic.  Also, I love painting outside and really ‘seeing’ the landscape or object.

Last week, I picked up this gourd at the farmer’s market, along with the mini pumpkins.  The challenge here was to get the fans of the gourd to go up, out, back, and down in light and shadow.  What made this painting particularly difficult was the variety of light colors next to dark colors.

Ok.  Now, to go draw some trees.

If you want to see all of my pieces created for the challenge (to date), you can head on over to Instagram or Facebook.  And, use the hashtag #stradaeasel to see what others are up to in the Strada Easel Challenge.  Or, you can click “previous post” to see the earlier paintings from last week.  Enjoy!

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