Day 8 – Soderberg Trail at Horsetooth

"Tutu Tree" 8x10, oil on canvas panel, © Nelia Harper
“Tutu Tree” 8×10, oil on canvas panel, © Nelia Harper

I’m about to start a four week class on drawing and painting trees. So, why not challenge myself with this funky cedar tree on a day with dilute light? I was intrigued by the shape – it looks like it’s wearing a tutu. And of course the yellow of the rabbitbush is always fun.

Cedar Tree with rabbitbush
Cedar Tree with rabbitbush


The fences made everything a bit confusing, so I tried to simplify it. The light was so diffuse (from the wildfires) that the values of the entire scene were a challenge. Everything look uniformly flat.

I can’t say that it was a successful painting, but it was a great day to be out painting with friends.  A light shower came through tonight, I’m hoping that will help with the air quality.

What do you think?

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