On the Cob – Day 10 Strada Easel Challenge

"On the Cob", 6x8, oil on canvas panel, © Nelia Harper
“On the Cob”, 6×8, oil on canvas panel, © Nelia Harper (Sorry for the glare.)


I love harvest time.  For as long as I can remember, my father planted a large garden.  And, he still does.  I loved to help him.   As I placed corn kernels, hunks of potato, and tiny onions in the ground, a feeling of hope and promise filled me.  I marveled at the straight rows, and the little seeds that grew into giants.  Planting miniature versions of vegetables felt like a million little possibilities

In August, we could start to pick the corn.  Pulling away the husk, was like unwrapping a present.  Under the papery wrapper, rows and rows of sweet kernels waited for a slather of butter and salt.  We devoured those ears of corn on the cob.  Fresh green beans, cucumber salad, and baby potatoes completed any meal.  Even though I don’t have a large garden, I still love to plant seeds, and see those little seeds reach for the sun.  Especially love it when I can step outside to ‘pick dinner.

Although I didn’t pick this ear of corn from my garden, I still delight in knowing that a seed created this ear of corn.  And, there’s nothing like the taste of fresh corn on the cob, slathered in butter and salt!

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