Top 10 Ways to Help Nelia Attend Art School

Morning Light on Ponderosa Pine, 11×14, oil on linen panel, © Nelia Harper
1. Add to your fine art collection.  I have updated my website with a HUGE sale.  AND, free shipping/delivery is included.  Over the past two years, I have diligently studied the landscape through drawing and studying with Deborah Paris.  Perhaps you have seen a change my approach to landscape painting?

2. Start a fine art collection.  When you grow up with prints and reproductions, it’s easy to under estimate the power of owning a piece of fine art.  Seeing the bushstrokes, the vibration of color, and how the light reflects off the paint is an experience that can only be enjoyed first hand.  Now is the perfect time to start your own fine art collection.

3. Commission a piece of fine art for your yourself.  Do you have a favorite tree or location?  Would you like to have a memory of that piece hanging in your home?  I have room in my schedule for 2-3 commissions this fall.  After all, being able to paint rather than waitress would be much preferred.  Contact me to discuss your idea.  
Rocky Shore, 8x10, oil on linen, © Nelia Harper
Rocky Shore, 8×10, oil on linen, © Nelia Harper
A Hint of Spring, 12×12, oil on linen panel, © Nelia Harper
Mountain Meadow Study, 8×10, oil on panel, © Nelia Harper
4. Commission a piece of fine art as a gift.  Perhaps you and a love one share a favorite location or you have a memory you’d like to treasure.  We can work together to create the perfect gift for your loved one.

5. Give the gift of art.  Whether it’s a commemorative gift, or you’re searching for an unique gift, the gift of fine art will wow any recipient.

6. Gift Certificates.  Not ready to pick out a piece of artwork for someone else?  Give a gift certificate in any denomination and give them the joy of choosing the right piece for their home.

7. Donate.  I know several of my friends are minimalists.  No problem!  I have set up a simple way for you to contribute through donation.  No fancy website. No Go Fund Me page.  Just a simple link to donate to tuition and travel expenses.  Every little bit helps.  Whether it’s $5 or $500, you’ll receive a surprise gift in return.
Greener Pastures, oil on panel, 9×12, © Nelia Harper

8. Continue to support the journey through likes, shares, and comments on social media.  All of your interactions help to spread the word and give me moral support.  Although I’m not one for sharing many details of my life in public, knowing you are there and encouraging me, makes all the difference.

9. Connections.  Do you know anyone in the Duluth, MN area that may be hiring?  I’m looking for evening and weekend work (right now, I’m open to ideas).  Inexpensive living accommodation connections would be great too.

10. Last but certainly not least, your prayers and support.  Change is never easy and just thinking about student life gives me flashbacks to being a poor college student.  Your prayers for safe travel, good health, focus, time for study and time for family are greatly appreciated.

Last Ship Date – August 21st

A Quick Note on Frames. I have listed most oil paintings unframed and pastel paintings with the frame. Almost any piece can easily be framed for your convenience.  They range in price from $25 to $200 depending on the size of the artwork with an average of $85.

What do you think?

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