Packing, Purging and Shipping – 1 week left!

First off a huge THANK YOU! to everyone for your well wishes, orders, connections, and help these past couple of weeks.

I have officially sent off my tuition deposit, I’m still looking for a place to live, as well as a job. So far, I have managed to clean out my crawl space, donate two carloads of stuff to ARC/Goodwill, taken my car in for service, and I have almost cleaned out my storage unit. Nothing like a deadline to make me tick off all those items on the to-do list that should have been done 6 mos – 5 years ago.

Wildflower Corner, 8×10, oil on panel, plein air for Georgetown Plein Air

And! I have shipped off paintings, prints, and greeting cards to several of you. Thank you to my fellow artists, patrons, collectors, and friends for your financial support and the many connections you have in Duluth, MN.

Questions Answered

Several of you have asked some really good questions about the Great Lakes Academy of Fine Art and my plans for this fall. Here are some answers to your questions.

#1 When are you leaving?

I’m planning to leave the 24th of August. I still have to find a place to live. I’m looking for a room to rent or a house share, so I pretty much have to be there in person to look at a place and meet the people. Hopefully that will come together the last week of August, and I can move in shortly after.

#2 When does school start?

School starts the 6th of September. We have a work day to begin. Everyone helps to clean, get the place set-up for working, and generally get to know everyone. Our first official day of school is the following Monday.

#3 How long is it?

The program itself is four years. Right now, I’m taking it one day at a time. If I start thinking that far ahead, I get a little panicky. So, let’s not think about that.

#4 Isn’t it really cold up there?

Well…how do you define cold? Antarctica cold when you get frostbite after standing outside for 10 minutes cold? Ummm…yeah. It gets pretty cold in December and January. What better excuse do you need to stay focused on on task?

I grew up in Northern Minnesota and I have to admit, I’m looking forward to winter. Not necessarily to sub-zero temperatures or sunset at 4pm, but to the brilliance of snow and the feeling of being alive in the elements. You might have to remind me of this when I’m complaining about how dark and cold it is in January.

#5 How did you decide on this school?

I have been looking at schools for quite some time. When I came across an interview that Jeffrey Larson did with Michael Klein from East Oaks Studio, I was quite surprised to find a school of this caliber near my hometown. I was equally surprised to see that it was on the list of approved school by the Art Renewal Center, whose mission is to support the revival of realism in the visual arts. The have approved about 80 schools around the world that teach technical skills in drawing and painting. What are the chances there would be one so close to my family?

Although I would love to study at the Florence Academy in Italy or the Grand Central Atelier in New York, I was intrigued by this little school in Duluth, MN. After listening to the interview and later visiting the school, it felt like a solid fit.

Interview of Jeffrey T. Larson

Fast forward to 0:15 to listen.

Scroll down. I have no idea why there’s a space here.

Studio Sale Continues

The studio sale continues through August 21st. The last ship date before I pack up the car and head north. There are several studies and studio paintings still available. Free shipping too!

Let me know if you have other questions. I’m planning to chronicle my journey to share this unique experience with you, as well as remember this time in my life. I hope you’ll enjoy the experience too.

What do you think?

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