Walk With Me

How does one capture the feeling of wind, the scent of salt on the air, or the crush of sand beneath one’s feet?  Can we create the movement of clouds scuttling and forming across the sky?  Or the sun bouncing off the ocean bottom as the waves crash along the shore?

Can the ocean’s expanse be conveyed to someone who as never stood on the edge of the sea? Or must you have also tasted salt on your lips, and felt the sand squish between your toes?

Standing on the beach with the wind blowing and the waves crashing, I created a small oil painting.  And I wished I could hold the moment forever.  That I would always remember what it was like to walk the beach, and watch the clouds race across the sky.  That I could recall the feeling of the sun on my back, and how the clouds formed over the island and disappeared across the sea. Would I remember the wispy twist of the pine trees?  Could I sit in my studio of recall the rustling of palm fronds?

Back in the studio, I returned to that study. For a moment, those paintings brought be back to the beach. And, from them, I created this pastel painting of Cayman Islands beach.

Walk With Me, pastel, 10x20 © Nelia Harper
Walk With Me, pastel, 10×20 © Nelia Harper

The painting will be on view May 15 to June 22, 2019 at the Western Colorado Center for the Arts (the Art Center) in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Opening Reception is June 7th, during First Friday Gallery Walk.

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