New Painting – The Hibiscus in Egg Tempera

The Hibiscus ~ Egg Tempera 6x6 © Nelia Harper
The Hibiscus ~ Egg Tempera 6×6 © Nelia Harper

Fresh off the Easel – The Hibiscus (In Shades of Pink)

In the Victorian era, the hibiscus flower represented delicate beauty.  In Hawaii, the hibiscus is often worn behind the ear as a sign of a woman’s marital status and as a symbol of hospitality.  In Egypt, the flower was used as a medicinal calming tea.  As I painted this flower over four months, I was reminded of Buddha’s Flower Sermon in which words are not required to understand its meaning.

Have you heard the story of Buddha and the Flower Sermon?

The story goes, that Buddha had gathered his students for the daily teaching.  On this particular day, rather than speaking, he held out a white lotus flower for each of his disciples and said nothing.  Each of the followers seemed a bit confused, except for one – he saw the flower and smiled a wide smile – understanding what Buddha was saying, without words.

For me, the story represents that the world and all of beauty exists in the one flower.  The flower represents all flowers and that nothing is permanent.  And, that painting this flower contains all the lessons of painting within this one painting.

I happy to announce that The Hibiscus has been chosen for the Spring Forward  art show, sponsored by the Artists Association of Northern Colorado.  The painting will be on display April 1-April 11 and available for purchase.

See upcoming events for more details.

  1. Janet L
    | Reply

    I just love the Hibiscus. Congrats on the Spring Forward Art Show Nelia, great accomplishment for a young and blooming artist.

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