Pateros Creek Bridge

“Pateros Creek” oil, 10×10 on panel

Before it was named Cache la Poudre, our local river was called Pateros Creek.  I just learned that bit of local lore the other day.  Of course, if I drank beer, I would probably know that as a local brewery is named after our river’s earlier name.  Either way, it’s one of my favorite places to paint.  

The river stretches for miles along the north and east sides of Fort Collins.  Each season, there are new opportunities to paint.  I was excited to paint this foot/bicycle bridge the other day.

Architecture is always a challenge and combining it with snow, water and leafless trees was a good challenge, especially when the temperature was hovering around the freezing mark.

Cold temperatures make for stiff paint. Several times, I dipped my brush in the paint, but the paint was so stiff, the brush wouldn’t pick up the paint.  Thank goodness for medium.


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