Painting from Collonge la Rouge, France – Doggie in the Window

Doggie in the Window © Nelia Harper
Doggie in the Window © Nelia Harper

In the heart of France, there’s a little village built of red sandstone appropriately named Collonge la Rouge. The sandstone is from a nearby quarry.  The roofs are made of slate tile that quickly weather and become covered with moss and lichen.

The day was perfect.  Brilliant blue skies, warm temperatures, not too many tourists, and a lovely amble through the countryside.

Looking around for a place to eat lunch, I looked up at a nearby building and found this little ‘doggie in the window’.  He so wanted to come out to play.

It was challenging and fun to paint the roof with all of the colors and bits and pieces.  But, I didn’t want to overdue it and distract from the dog.  He was just so excited to be alive.

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