Heirloom Tomatoes

Heirloom Beauties was inspired by yet another trip to the Farmer’s Market and a haul of heirloom tomatoes.  The good folks from Honeyacre Farm devote their loves to growing luscious heirloom tomatoes, meaty, flavorful bell peppers, and solid cucumbers the size my arm.

"Heirloom Beauties", 8 1/4 x16, © Nelia Harper
“Heirloom Beauties”, 8 1/4 x16, © Nelia Harper

Because they grow the produce in a greenhouse, they arrive early to market, well-stocked.  While most other vendors ply last year’s potatoes and a few spring greens, these heirloom beauties kick-off the season and one’s taste-buds.

Arriving at the market early in the season makes it easier to chat with the vendors too.  No need to wait in line under the baking sun either.  Peggy from Honeyacre was happy to help me select the tomatoes while she chatted up other customers too.

I added some spring flowers (Stock) to the setup.  (What the name lacks in originality and interest, it makes up for in smell.) The delicate flowers create a lovely perfume and texture.  A couple of small tomatoes finished up the setup.

I designed this still life to create a bold statement.  I wanted to work with bright cadmium paint and explore vibrant color. To do this, I choose a deep red backdrop to complement the tomatoes and stock flowers as delicate texture to contrast  the smooth tomatoes.

Luckily, I was able to enjoy the models for dinner too!

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