“Curious” A Lingering Idea

Curious, Pastel, 12x12, © Nelia Harper
Curious, Pastel, 12×12, © Nelia Harper

Do you ever have ideas that linger in your mind, calling for attention?  This painting came about from a lingering idea, one that resurfaced time and time again.

This little deer and I spotted each other as I walked along a hiking trail.  We watched one another with curiosity.  I managed to get a cell phone shot, but there was too much missing information.  Until a few weeks ago, I wasn’t sure how to approach the painting.  Slowly, the idea began to resolve.  The colors began to take shape, the pattern of light and dark began to emerge, and a square format seemed to be a good option.

Often, I get an idea in my mind for a painting, but I’m not ready to paint it, yet.  The idea sits there.  Maybe it’s an image from a hike, a trip, song lyrics, or a poem.  Sometimes, images come to mind, and they rattle around for a while.  Some evolve slowly, over years, waiting for the right season and the right light.   Sometimes, I have to travel to paint them.  There are many ideas that need more practice and experience (portrait/figure).

Occasionally the ideas disappear.  Other times, they press forward, calling to be brought to life.  This painting feels like the culmination of lingering idea, one of those images that came to mind during a walk in the woods (and a really crummy cell phone photo).  I thought it over, revisited the photo, explored ideas, and let it sit.  Now, the idea persists and wants to grow.  Maybe it’s an idea that is take root?

I’d been practicing creating order from chaos (in this master copy of Richard Schmid’s work) and the timing seemed right. Several elements were similar, and I was beginning to see order out of the chaos.

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This painting is available, unframed.  $400.  Contact me.


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