Belle Fourche Reservoir

Belle-Fourche Reservoir © Nelia Harper
Belle Fourche Reservoir © Nelia Harper

I had no idea that Belle Fourche represents that geographical center of the United States.  Last weekend, I drove there for a cousin’s wedding.  I packed my plein air gear in the hopes that I would find some time and inspiration to paint.  I drove through the rolling hills of Wyoming, the Black Hills of South Dakota and the golden fields of sweet clover were a lovely surprise when I arrived.

And then it rained.  It hailed. The wind blew. The morning skies were cloudy, with bits of sun mixed in here and there.  I thought my supplies would sit in the car, but I woke up early and gave it a go.

There’s a large reservoir just outside of Belle Fourche, SD and as soon as I saw the river, I stopped to paint.  I slapped mosquitoes, watch men catch fish nearby, and as soon as I finished for the morning, the skies cleared and the water calmed.

I got some good reference photos for future paintings and went back a second day to see if I could capture the golden fields and rain in the distance.

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