Along the Yampa River, Oil on Canvas Panel, 8×10

Along the Yampa, 8x10, oil on canvas panel
Along the Yampa River, 8×10, oil on canvas panel

Each painting brings back memories.  This painting “Along the Yampa River” is no exception.

Last fall, I participated in the Steamboat Plein Air Event, a week-long plein air event that supports the Steamboat Art Museum.  At the same time, I was painting daily as part of the Strada Easel 30 Day Challenge to paint from life every day in September.

That day, I drove up to Steamboat and found the town blanketed in fog and rain. Anxious to get out and explore, I quickly checked in with my roommates, and ventured out in search of painting locations.

Within minutes, I found the Yampa river and a pedestrian bridge with a perfect view of the Yampa River and a foggy mountain in the distance.  Crouched under my umbrella, I painted as quickly as I could. The rain came in waves, dripping from me and the umbrella. Once the palette filled with water and my gloves were soaked, it was time to go and warm up.

Needless to say, it was an adventurous day of painting!  You can see my other paintings from the 2017 SAM Plein Air Event, here.

Now available at auction.

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