River’s Song, 11×14, oil on linen

River’s Song, oil on linen, 11×14

River’s Song, 11×14, oil on linen is now on view and available at our 7th Annual Chasing Light Art Show that continues through this Saturday.

Based on a plein air painting of the Poudre River, I brought the study back to the studio to create a larger more developed version.

The clouds were playing hide and seek with the sun that day, and the breeze toyed with our easels. The light played continuous tricks on my eyes, so I focused on shape, composition and color notes.

Back in the studio, my goal was to create a sense of movement against the solidity of the rocks and a feeling of autumn’s glow on the distant bank, as well as a feeling of cold water and warm light, deep pools, rocky ledges and light reflecting in and through the water.

This along with other plein air and studio paintings from 2018 are on view and available through my website or the Carnegie Center for Creativity through Saturday. Details here.

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