“Reflections of You”, 16×20, oil on canvas board

Reflections of You, 16x20, oil on canvas board, © Nelia Harper
Reflections of You, 16×20, oil on canvas board, © Nelia Harper

Every time I look at this piece, I think of our annual summer trips to the Snowy Range.  Memories of hiking to the top of the 13,000+ peak, rock climbing the crumbling granite, and hiding from lighting in a copse of trees during a downpour fill my mind.

There was the day we hiked through a field of elephant ear orchids searching for moose.  Or, the time we snowshoed over late spring snow and slid down the glaciers with my niece (who was 8 at the time). How many mornings did we wake before dawn to photograph the sunrise reflected in the silent pools of water?

Just as our memories from childhood are precious, so too are the memories we create as adults with those we love. The ritual of packing the truck, charging up batteries, putting emergency gear together, stashing provisions in the pack, and planning the trip embeds each memory deeper into our souls and the fabric of our lives.

Now available and on view at our 7th Annual Chasing Light show.  Our show continues through Saturday at 6 pm.  Details here.

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