Kabocha Squash Study – Day 20 Strada Easel Challenge

Some days are just too beautiful to sit indoors.  Today was one of those days.  Since I didn’t have enough time to drive to a painting location today, I set up my easel on the back deck.  Another scouting trip around the house procured a miniature Kabocha squash. I placed it on a piece of cardboard so that I would get strong shadow shapes.  Boy, were they strong!

"Kabocha Squash", 5x7, oil on canvas, © Nelia Harper
“Kabocha Squash”, 5×7, oil on canvas, © Nelia Harper

I really liked the shadows of the leaves.  Unfortunately, sitting in the sun, they wilted before my eyes!  I did my best to get the shadow shapes and leaf shapes in first.  Even though they are too dark, they sure were fun.  This was yet another great exercise in green, shadow and turning planes.  Still so much to learn…

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