31 Paintings in 31 Days – paint or draw from life every day

The new year started off with a challenge to paint or draw from life every day for the month of January. One of my “New Year’s Resolutions” is to draw and paint from life more often. What better way to start than by drawing or painting every day?

The goal was to deepen my understanding of turning form in space and make it appear dimensional on a flat surface while understanding the complexity of color in that process.

Here is the result from January.

Of course, finding the time isn’t always easy.  Many paintings ‘failed’.  More than once, I resorted to drawing.  Some days the weather cooperated for some wintry scenes.  Some subjects proved far more difficult than I imagined.

I also experimented with a new Belgian linen (that I love), an alkyd linen that is highly absorbent (useful in certain situations), a Stillman-Birn sketching journal (Zeta Series – love it!), and prepared for an upcoming semester of figure drawing.

The power of practice can never be underestimated.  Thank you to Strada Easel for encouraging us to take on the challenge.

Happy New Year!

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