Nothing to Wear


This painting was the final project for a semester of figure drawing. The painting was based on the theme, “the human figure as an expression of inner psychology”.

The idea for the painting stemmed from thinking about how children embody characters through costume and the evolution of this over time.  As children they want to be batman, spiderman, a cowboy or a princess. They take on the costume as who they are. However, as we grow and become adults, we often take on masks/costumes to go about our daily activities, whether we want to embody them or not.

This concept was then coupled with a woman trying on clothes from her closet and finding ‘nothing to wear’ from the multiple outfits available to her. Here, she is dressed in a simple black dress and holds a mask to her face. Is she preparing for a night out? A day at work? What do we assume about her from the mask? How do we read her eyes shining through? Who is she behind the mask?

Pastel on Canson Paper, 21×18.5