Study of a Seashell

painted from life

oil on linen panel



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Weathered, oil on canvas board, 5.35 x 3.75, © Nelia Harper

oil on canvas panel


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Orchid Study, 4.5x5.5, oil on linen panel. Reflections of You, 16x20. oil on linen panel, River's Song, 11x14 oil on linen panel, © Nelia Harper
Orchid Study

oil on linen panel

4.5 x 5.5 inches

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Love in a Puff, 5x4, oil on linen panel, © Nelia Harper
Love In a Puff

oil on linen panel, 5×4


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Curiosities, 5x7, oil on panel, © Nelia Harper

oil on panel


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Blue Booties, oil on linen panel, 5.5x5.875, © Nelia Harper
Blue Booties

oil on linen panel


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"Heirloom Beauties", 8 1/4 x16, © Nelia Harper
Heirloom Beauties

Heirloom Beauties was inspired by yet another trip to the Farmer’s Market.  The good folks from Honeyacre Farm devote their loves to growing luscious heirloom tomatoes, meaty, flavorful bell peppers, and solid cucumbers the size my arm.

This still life was designed to create a bold statement.  I wanted to work with bright cadmium paint and explore vibrant color. I choose a deep red backdrop to complement the tomatoes and stock for delicate texture to contrast the smooth tomato.

still life

8×16, oil on linen


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"Summer Sweetness", 11x15, Pastel © Nelia Harper
Summer Sweetness

Can you feel the fuzz?  Do you smell that sweet syrup of a ripe summer peach? Each summer, I look forward to peach season and picking up fresh peaches from the farmer’s market.  After they grow and ripen in the heat of the Western Slope, they arrive at the market ready to eat.  There’s nothing as delicious as a sweet summer peach on a hot day, especially when the juice drips down your hand…

11×15, pastel

still life


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"Peach Study" 5x5, Pastel, © Nelia Harper
Peach Study in Pastel

I’ve been looking forward to summer and doing a peach study in pastel for a larger painting.  Each year, Morton’s Organic Orchards sets up their fruit stand at the nearby farmer’s market. They begin with cherries that are so deep and dark in color, flavor and sugar that I feel ‘drunk’ after just a few morsels.

Following on the heels of the cherries, the peaches arrive. Clingstone peaches appear first – small and sweet. Then, giant freestone peaches arrive by the truckload, covered in peach fuzz. They line up, ready to be turned into pies and jams and in my case, ice cream and smoothies.

These little orbs of sweetness are surprisingly solid. I wanted the viewer to feel as though they could be picked up and held, as well as eaten.

pastel, still life, 5×5

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Wooden Bowl with Leaves, oil on canvas, 8x16, © Nelia Harper
Wooden Bowl with Leaves

oil on canvas board

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