Spring Blossoms, egg tempera, 6x6 © Nelia Harper
Spring Blossoms

egg tempera, 6×6


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Autumn Leaves, Egg Tempera, 9x12 © Nelia Harper
Autumn Leaves II

In a last burst of colorful glory, autumn fills the senses with leaves, wet soil and the hint of snow on the air.  Autumn Leaves II revisits a pile of leaves, tossed on the ground in a multitude of color.

egg tempera, 9×12


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Columbine Fairies, 8x10, egg tempera, © Nelia Harper
Columbine Fairies

egg tempera on traditional gesso panel


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Sand Dunes 9x12 Egg Tempera on Panel © Nelia Harper
Sand Dunes

The sun slowly arcs through the sky, kissing the sand and the foliage with a deep warm glow.  The waves lap at the shore and the tranquil scene invites us to breathe deeply and rejuvenate our bodies.

egg tempera, 9×12


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