Abstract Monday #1

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Abstract #1 - 4.5x6 - oil on canvas © Nelia Harper
Abstract #1 – 4.5×6 – oil on canvas © Nelia Harper

One of the aspects about being an artist that most appeals to me is the ability to experiment.  Not only with the medium, but the opportunity to experiment with color, texture and shape. As part of my studio practice, and as a way of developing my skills with oil and color, I am experimenting with abstraction as well as color and texture in oil.

Here is the debut of Abstract Monday.

The original inspiration for the colors came from this painting by Vincent Van Gogh – Harvest with Blue Cart.

Close up of Vincent Van Gogh - Harvest with Blue Cart
Close up of Vincent Van Gogh – Harvest with Blue Cart

Here is a close up of his painting from June 1888 in Arles – I liked the warmth of the yellow as it contrasted with the cool purples.

For my painting, I used only two colors – layered, blended and alternating – Mayan Red – a deep red earth color and Indian Yellow – mixed with a little bit of white.

The abstract painting shown above is available for purchase via auction at DailyPaintworks.com.

(I think I’ve talked two other artists into joining me…you can check out Alisha’s work here and Amy’s work here.)

If you are interested in Abstract Monday #1, just click the button (below).

Happy Monday!

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  2. Alisha Lee Jeffers
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    How inspiring! I think experimentation is the foundation of great art, as well as the ability to allow yourself that freedom. Since we’ve been painting outside and now with the abstract challenge, I find myself able to create more freely than I have in awhile. Making new discoveries.
    This little painting of yours is so fresh and simple, yet there’s a sophistication to it that comes through absorbing Van Gogh’s piece and translating his palette to your own vision. I especially like that little seam of texture where the planes of color meet.
    We’re off to a great start (thanks again for the nudge!)

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